Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday!

One month ago, the hermies where brought home from the pet store!  Since this was such a grand occasion(actually, I just needed an excuse), my sister and I rearranged their tank.

Here is what it used to be:
 The piece of wood you see under the vines is now gone.  I had to throw it out because it was starting to mold.  I'm guessing because it sat in the moist sand all the time.

Here is what it is now:
Ta-da! Sorry about my reflection.  We added a second level so there would be more space to crawl on and a clean yogurt container for another hut!  I also switched the dishes.  The green bowl was the food and is now fresh water, and the white dish was the water and is now food! I wanted to give them more space when taking a bath and the green one was bigger.  My mom thinks the new arrangement is ugly, and maybe that's true, but I like it!
Another picture without my reflection and the tank light turned off:
We put the hermit crabs back into the tank (as I did so, Tiger pinched me! OUCH!) and Tiger was really excited about the new arrangement.  She was placed on the second level and ran to each rock at a time seeming to say, "Wow! A rock!" ... "Wow, another rock!" ... "Look! Another rock!"  It was very amusing.  I won't change the tank again until after Maui comes back, so hopefully she won't take to long.  Day 5!

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