Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First post!

My first blog!  Never thought I'd get one of these.  I refuse to get a twitter account however.  Anyway, I'm going to devote this blog to my lovely hermies!  On August 17, 2010 I went to PetSmart and brought home three purple pinchers. I had spent several weeks beforehand, researching hermit crabs. 

Allow me to explain something: Other family's kids will see a pet in the store and want it.  The parents are foolish enough to give into the child's pleading and bring home this new creature without study or research.  Eventually, of course, the child loses interest and the parent will take over the care of said pet.
... Not in my family!  My sister's and I have learned that the easiest way to get a pet(and to properly enjoy the company of such amazing creatures) is to impress the parents with responsibility and knowledge.  Since this blog is for my hermit crabs, I will use them as an example.

First, which pet?  I don't remember when it was, but at some point in my older sister's brain, she got the grand idea to say, "Hey, hermit crabs are pretty cool. We should get one!"  It wasn't until 2-3 years later that we actually did, but after she said that, the idea was ingrained into our minds for a good length of time afterwords.  At the point when she said this, we had only one pet.  My dog name Moses, who is still living with us today!  For some reason, my family always has to have a few pets.  We can't have only one for over a year.

Anyway!  My family moved from one state to another (military) and after living here for about a year, we decided we should get some more pets.  My cousin's rabbit had baby bunnies... you fill in the blanks. ;) We've now had Sumi for a few months and she and Moses are bestest buds! Moses has part sheltie in him, so he's very protective and loving of his little bunny friend.

But that wasn't enough.  We dusted our brains and thought of another pet we could look into.  Hermit Crabs!  But if I wanted to get hermit crabs, I knew I would have to use the same procedure that I had done with every other pet we had owned.  This list included: Rabbits, Dog, Frogs, Chinchilla(foster owned), and Betas.  First things first.  Asking my mom would be a complete waste of time, so it's off to the library and the fact-filled web!  As I said above, I spent a good deal of time researching hermit crabs.  When I felt that I could only go so far with study, I then made a list of supplies needed.  When that was complete, I checked prices and searched to find good deals, however, I didn't buy anything. Lastly, I made positively sure that I had enough time to give them proper attention.  When these stages where complete, THEN I went to the parents.  If they were satisfied, it's off to the pet store!

Another note I should add, while some parents take over the care of pets, my parents ask, "Did you feed Moses today?"  If I lack in my chores to take care of my pets they threaten with the worse proposal ever!  Take care of the pet or we'll get rid of it.  You can imagine the horrified look we give our parents.  Enough of my rambling, allow me to introduce you to the crew:

The eldest of the three hermies and the largest is Edgar Alli, or as we call her "Edlie". My mother insisted on naming one of them after Edgar Allan Poe.

Next is Tiger, my most bold hermie and she's the middle sized one.

Last is the smallest, Maui.  She was named after the Hawaiian island.

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