Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nothing New

Whew, am taking a little time to squeeze in an update.  Not much has happened with the hermies since my last post.  Tiger and Edlie have both buried themselves and now Maui sits alone all day, poor dear.  Anyway, due to the quick move and sudden amount of work, I had sort of dumped the hermie's tank on a top shelf in my brother's basement.  They were in this dark and lonely corner, just a horrible place for them to be!  So I bought a tank stand and moved them beside my desk.  Now they're much easier to reach and in a better lighted area.  Perfect for the hermies.  Not only is it better for them, but it's also great for me... now I have some study buddies! Hurray! I'll try to post a picture sometime later, but their tank looks a little stark since I got rid of a bunch of stuff (rocks and sticks mostly) when I moved.  Hopefully I'll get new stuff soon, but now that I'm a poor college student, most of it will probably come from the backyard. XD