Monday, October 25, 2010

Tiger - Day 1... Edlie - Day 1?!

Drat.  Just when I was beginning to enjoy all three of the hermies together again(scratch that, I've enjoyed it since the get go, so do we so often say that...?), Tiger has to bury herself.  At first, I thought it was just her extreme intolerance to the cold.  About a week ago, we got a nice cold front.  I love the cold, but it turns out Tiger absolutely hates it!  I haven't been able to go buy an Under tank heater yet, so I keep a blanket over the tank to keep it insulated.  When I finally did get the tank warm again, Tiger came out and enjoyed herself. 

However, two days ago, Tiger buried herself again.  I checked the temp and the humidity and everything was fine.  So, like I did with Maui, I left her there until this morning, where I moved her to the molting tank.  She immediately buried herself(within the hour no less) and I currently hear her digging at this very moment.  I'm not sure what she's doing... making her underground cave bigger? Who knows...

Anyway, after I moved Tiger over to the MT, I found Edlie totally buried! Not her too!  Again, like with the others, I'll leave her for two to three days before taking her out of the main tank.  However, Tiger's in the MT, so I might have to get a gallon-sized bucket and fill that with sand for Edlie.  Joy.

Poor Maui is going to be all alone.  Perhaps I might get new hermies sooner than I thought... but wait!  Hermit crabs will often molt after you've brought them home from the store because the conditions weren't ideal.  I refuse to have a bunch of buckets and pails lying around my room! GAH!

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