Monday, May 14, 2012

Out with the old and in with the new

Well now.  Been awhile since my last update.  College keeps one busy, but (thank heavens) it doesn't last forever.  Hopefully... maybe... with the start of summer I should be able to keep more up to date.

Since my last post, much has happened.
First off, soon after my move to college, Tiger died.  I was not surprised by this, as she hadn't been doing well in the first place.  I guess the move put too much stress on her.  Soon after Edlie decided she was going to molt.  Being a lazy person I am, I left her in the big tank.  I HAD thought that this wouldn't be a problem, considering that I had left Edlie to molt in the tank with Maui before.  However, I underestimated Maui's new size and strength. ... Yep, Maui killed Edlie and stole her shell to boot.  Lovely.  So, with only 1 hermit in the tank I needed to get a few more.  The reason being for this is because Hermit crabs are social beings, so they will eventually die without other friends.

Long story, short:  Ran to the store and bought 3 more crabs.  'Bout a month later, one of them dies.  That one didn't even eat to start with, so I'm not sure what was up with it.  Named it Alex, since I didn't ever find out it was a boy or girl.

Anyway, I am back to having three hermies.  Seems to be me lucky number.  The smaller one I just discovered was female, so with the help of a little sister she was dubbed Anastasia.  The bigger, who just so happens to be sitting beside me now, I have granted the name of Brumby.  Why? 
A) Because my elder sister and her boyfriend thought I should name it something from Austrailia,
B) I love horses and Brumbies have always been a favorite breed(?) of mine,
and C) Because it sounds pretty kewl.

Now I just have to discover whether Brumby is a boy or girl.  Problem is, this little one is the shyest crab (and I mean "crab" literally and figuratively) I have yet to own.  It doesn't come out for anything!  Except when I'm not looking, of course.  Anyway, other than that, not much to update on with this journal. Toodles.

P.S. New discovery made.  Hermit crabs LOVE eating dandelion flowers.  Who knew?!

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